About me


I’m Richenda.

I live in North Norfolk and always have. I love it here.

I run a boat yard with my husband Neil, and our life revolves around boats which is good for Neil as I’m sure he’s got more salt water in his blood than is normal.

I’m more of a people person and our boat yard brings me into contact with some interesting and lovely people, most of them men which got me thinking. Boating, both as a sport and an industry is largely dominated by men; where are all the women?

I did some research on boating blogs and found that, while there are many boat project blogs, there is a lack of female voices within the industry and the fraternity. Sure you have the professional and enthusiastic lady sailors but there is no one out there, or at least I couldn’t find them, representing the women like me, who are reluctantly in love with boats and sailing because their husbands/partners are enthusiasts.

This blog, Better By Boat, is me making an effort to redress the balance.